Welcome to the MHSRA Online Entry app! Before you get started make sure you have:

  • Completed your member registration for both NHSRA & MHSRA;
  • Watched our YouTube instructional video for the Online Entry app https://youtu.be/eWEgweX2Nxg;
  • Coordinated with your Team Roping and/or Traveling Partner(s) regarding the night you want up. You are responsible for this! If your Team Roping partner has already entered you, you will not have this event in your pick list. It will confirm this at the bottom of the entry page. NOTE: When the first Team Roping partner enters, he/she will pay the entry fees for the "team". Recoupment of this payment will need to be worked out with your partner! and
  • Set up a PayPal account or when the PayPal sign in screen appears scroll down and click “Pay the a Debit or Credit Card” option!  
Now... Let's Enter a Rodeo!
  • Type your members name below and select them;
  • Next, select the rodeo you want to enter (note: multiple rodeos may be open at the same time so pick the correct one).